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Parting Ways, Remaining Friends

ChildFund and partner organization Marga Sejahtera celebrated 43 years of partnership. In these 43 years this collaboration has led...

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Strengthening Space and Modalities: Meaningful Participation of Children and Youth in Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation

During the UNDRR Side Event 2022, Aloy Suratin (Director Programs and Sponsorship, ChildFund Indonesia) delivered his speech on children...

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siaran pers integrasi keterampilan nonteknis ke dalam kurikulum sekolah kejuruan

ChildFund Pioneers Integrating Non-technical Skills Into Vocational Education

Competing in today’s global economy is complex. Technical skills are a necessity in human resource development, especially for young...

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Indonesia Joining Forces successfully advocated for a strong act on Criminalization of Sexual Harassment

ChildFund, as part of Indonesia Joining Forces to End Violence Against Children successfully advocated for a strong act on...

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