Superadmin, 10 Jul 2023

Spreading Awareness on Child Online Safety While Embracing a Car-Free Lifestyle

ChildFund International in Indonesia continues its commitment to promoting internet safety for children and invites the community to join in a unique event titled #SwipeSafe: Connect, Learn, Grow Safely Online on Sunday (25/6) at Car Free Day (CFD) Jakarta. Swipe Safe is the main program of the Web Safe and Wise Campaign championed by ChildFund globally, aimed at fostering a positive digital culture and assisting parents and educators in navigating the online world more effectively.

Reny Haning, Child Protection and Advocacy Specialist at ChildFund Indonesia, stated that ChildFund envisions a world where children are aware of their rights and able to achieve their full potential. "Based on this vision, we understand the need for strategic steps to ensure that children and young people can navigate the internet safely. Through this Car Free Day event, we aim to bring this message closer to the community," Reny explained.


The event is uniquely designed to provide a different experience for the community. ChildFund Indonesia has prepared a big installation in the form of a smartphone equipped with a green ribbon, symbolizing awareness of the importance of safeguarding children's mental health through a safe and protected online space. The giant smartphone screen displays a QR code that directs the community to the #SwipeSafe landing page, where they can access various information related to online bullying studies, tips on internet safety for children, and reporting procedures.



In addition to that, ChildFund Indonesia involved some partners to provide direct education and outreach to the community, spreading throughout the entire CFD area while carrying QR code boards.

"We hope that this event, though small, can contribute to increasing awareness among the public in identifying content that is exploitative, sexually violent, and bullying towards children, understanding what needs to be done to minimize the impact of such content, and gaining access to content reporting," Reny stated.


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