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Iin's Path to Success: A Story of Triumph Over Challenges

At a young age, Iin, now 24 years old, has experienced a vibrant and challenging life journey. Her story is a testament to resilience, determination, and the capacity for personal growth that can lead to a brighter future.

Iin was just 5 years old when her father passed away, leaving her mother pregnant with their third child. Rather than succumb to adversity, Iin's mother courageously stepped up as the head of the household, selling cakes and kerosene to make ends meet, even though the earnings often fell short of their family's needs.

"I faced financial difficulties at the time to support my children and provide them with an education," Iin's mother recalled.

At the tender age of 8, Iin became a sponsored child of ChildFund, a decision that would change her life and her family's fortunes for the better. With a dedicated and caring sponsor by her side, they established a heartwarming pen-pal relationship, sharing stories through heartfelt letters.

"When we received gifts from my daughter' sponsor, I felt joy because I knew it could help my family, especially my children," Iin's Mother shared.

For Iin, the most valuable aspect of being a sponsored child was the opportunity it presented for her to grow and explore the wider world. Right from the start, Iin eagerly engaged in various programs offered by ChildFund and its partners in Kupang, Nusa Tenggara Timur. These programs included child forum, reproductive health training for teenagers, job readiness training, life skills & financial literacy classes, and a variety of other activities.


Iin facilitate online safety training for youth. 


One of her most unforgettable experiences was her first step outside of Timor Island to a city named Semarang in Central Java province, where she was selected to participate in the annual National Youth Capacity Engagement (NYCE) program.

Today, Iin has completed her bachelor's degree, but her commitment to ChildFund and the Yayasan Cita Masyarakat Madani remains unwavering. She actively contributes as a facilitator for Swipe Safe, a program focused on developing children and young adults' internet safety skills.

"I feel proud of Iin. She is the eldest child and shoulders great responsibility in our family," Iin's mother said, her voice filled with emotion.

Iin attests to the invaluable support she has received from ChildFund, not only for connecting her with a sponsor who genuinely cares for her and her family but also for granting her access to education.

"Since 2007, I've been a sponsored child, thanks to the generous sponsor. And we've communicated continuously via correspondence, sharing stories about our daily lives and activities. A big thank you for your concern for me and my family. Hopefully, you will continue to share and have an impact on all children throughout the world for their survival and future."

Iin also hopes that ChildFund can keep working and continue to have an impact on children around the world to ensure children are healthy, educated, skilled, and safe. Her journey conveys a compelling story of hope, resilience, and the positive impact of dedicated support and advocacy for children in challenging circumstances.


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