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ChildFund Pioneers Integrating Non-technical Skills Into Vocational Education

Competing in today’s global economy is complex. Technical skills are a necessity in human resource development, especially for young people entering the world of work and business. But, Indonesia does not only need advanced technical and vocational skills, but also a flexible workforce that can adjust to rapid shifts in demand.

Aside from creating a workforce that can adjust not only to domestic shifts in demand but also to what is happening in the global economy and labor market, there is also international evidence that cognitive, social, and technical skills affect wage premiums, earnings, and employment and occupation status. With the right skills, workers will have a better chance of being employed, or being well-equipped to set up their own business and in turn create jobs for others. This will both reduce poverty and improve personal well-being.


Therefore, ChildFund is investing in soft skills in Indonesia’s vocational training schools and will pioneer integrating non-technical skills into in vocational education. On the 20th of May ChildFund signed an agreement with the Ministry of Education to start a new, 3-year collaboration reaching over 16,000 schools.


In his speech, during the signing ceremony, Mr. Wikan, Director General of Vocational Education, said that signing the agreement was not something that happened without any evidence. He cites ChildFund as an example of an institution that has piloted integration of non-technical skills education at Vocational Training School (SMK) 1 Pringapus, Semarang Regency, and was successful in doing so. Therefore, the Director General of Vocational Education feels the need to synergize in developing and
implement this further in all government run vocational training schools in Indonesia, through this new collaboration with ChildFund.


Please find our press release (in Indonesian) here. The new cooperation was widely covered by the media, here is an example of one of the articles (in Indonesian). The Ministry of Education, Department of Vocational Education, also made a YouTube video of the signing ceremony, including some interesting interviews and parts of inspiring speeches. ChildFund’s Country Director, Mrs. Hanneke Oudkerk, is sharing her plans on making ChildFund’s intervention sustainable (starting at 3.36 in the movie).

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