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Breaking the Cycle: How Media's Role in Education Can Combat Online Bullying

Media serves as a bridge of information to the public and a gatekeeper of various issues that are being discussed, including the issue of online bullying. Increasing media sensitivity towards neutral, balanced, and privacy-protecting news content is expected to contribute to reducing the risk of online bullying originating from news coverage.

Media Briefing Swipe Safe, which took place on March 17, 2023, is one of the ways ChildFund Indonesia encourages media and journalists to raise awareness among the public about online sexual exploitation and violence against children and young people. In front of more than 30 national media outlets, Reny Haning, as the Child Protection Specialist of ChildFund Indonesia, introduced the Swipe Safe program. This initiative aims to shape a positive digital culture and help children and young people navigate the online world safely by involving and educating parents and educators.



Mass media, as an information channel, undoubtedly plays an important role in disseminating new information and educating the public about new insights and perspectives.

"Lack of understanding and good awareness of online bullying, including adequate digital competence, can make parents and educators perceive the internet as harmless. Therefore, the participation of mass media is needed to educate parents and educators as preparation for monitoring and responding to cases of violence against children and young people in the online world," explained Reny.



Putu Andini, a Child Psychologist and Co-Founder of TigaGenerasi, who also participated as a speaker in this event, explained that online bullying behavior is closely related to supervision and the roles of parents, educators, and the media. "In fact, parents who are less involved in monitoring their children's online activities can trigger their children's involvement in online bullying behavior. If left unchecked, the impact of online bullying can affect children into adulthood, both for the perpetrators and the victims," explained Putu. (HUA)


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