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Breaking Barriers: Rini's Dedication to Education and Change

"Becoming a sponsored child has allowed me to meet many inspiring people who motivated me to pursue my education and gain knowledge and experiences that many others cannot attain," said Rini, a sponsored child from Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Because of this, despite having to traverse rugged terrain for 1.5 hours to reach her campus, facing financial challenges, living in a village with limited access to electricity and no internet, Rini persisted in completing her education.

Rini's statement implies how ChildFund programs and the partnerships supported by sponsors can change paradigms and give opportunity for children to become agents of change in their communities.

"In our neighborhood, there are only two people pursuing higher education," explained Rini.



Since becoming a sponsored child at the age of 6, Rini has been involved in various activities, such as children's creativity workshops, youth forum, and job readiness programs.

One of the essential things she gained was self-awareness and recognizing her potential, persuasive communication, leadership, and overcoming mental blocks.

"I learned about my character and the career that suits me," she stated.

Rini, who has now become a graduate in management, actively serves as a co-facilitator for life skills and financial literacy sessions. As a co-facilitator for the youth forum organized by ChildFund and the PBMM-MAS partnership, Rini has become a role model for young people and is engaged in enhancing the life skills of children and young adults in her village. She sees education as one of the paths to a better life.



Inspired by the programs she has participated in and the people she has met, Rini has rejected early marriage. Almost all of her peers married at a young age, with many not continuing their education.

"Young people have a long life ahead of them. There's so much more to explore," she emphasized.

What an incredible young woman!



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