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Andri's Courageous Leap into the Realm of Entrepreneurship

In a world consumed by gadgets and instant gratification, one young man embarked on a path to become a remarkable entrepreneur, all thanks to his determination, support from his family, and the guidance of ChildFund

In Baturaja District of South Sumatera, a young man named Andri stood out from his peers. While most young people his age were busy hanging out with friends and playing with gadgets, Andri had a different passion. At just 21 years old, he had already become an entrepreneur within his community.

Andri's journey began when he joined a series of job readiness training programs conducted by ChildFund International in Indonesia and partner Yayasan Budi Asih Sumatera Selatan. Through these capacity-building workshops, he learned how to identify potential business opportunities. For Andri, the key was to observe the local community's interests and needs. With this in mind, he decided to start a home-based goat livestock business.



With the knowledge he gained from the training, Andri purchased a couple of goats to kickstart his venture. ChildFund also helped him by providing another productive female goat under its Gift of Love & Hope (GOLAH) Project. Andri dedicated most of his time to taking care of his goats and playing with them. Every morning, he would observe each goat closely, and in the afternoon, he would collect green leaves to feed them. In his free time, he used the internet to educate himself about goat health, common illnesses, and medicines. He even consulted with a veterinarian and closely coordinated with the Livestock Field Extension Officer.

Andri's passion for his business did not go unnoticed by his parents, who fully supported his idea. They even helped him secure a loan from the bank to expand his goat herd. Starting with just three goats, Andri now has an impressive total of 23. To ensure that he can make his monthly loan payments on time, he works part-time in a nearby Coffee Home Industry.

Andri is filled with optimism for the future of his business. He recently started a related venture called Bank Pakan, a feed bank. Utilizing his uncle's land, he began growing livestock feed such as odot grass and cassava. He sees this as a promising business opportunity, not only for his own goats but also for other goat owners in the community.
"I recently sold three goats for 8 million rupiah. With the money, I bought another productive male goat, fixed the fences, added more feed stocks, bought medicines, and saved some for the future," Andri happily shared.



His mother, Ibu Sunarti, couldn't be prouder. "Andri brings happiness and pride to our family. He not only supports us financially but also pays for his sister's school fees. He even encouraged his sister to enroll in a vocational school so that she can start her own business after graduation."

While showing us how she feeds the goats, Ibu Sunarti proudly shared that Andri has become a responsible and principled young man. She attributes this growth to the various activities organized by ChildFund and Yayasan Budi Asih Sumatera Selatan, which Andri always actively participates in. According to Andri's parents, he has become more knowledgeable, confident, and committed to his dreams. Most importantly, he has developed a deep love for his family. (Candra & HUA)


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